Make a living online? We make life easier

 The Bookkeeping Collective simplifies money matters for online businesses, social media influencers and digital entrepreneurs

Our clients in the e-commerce space have one thing in common: they didn’t bank on spending so much time balancing the books when they started out. As soon as they engaged The Bookkeeping Collective, these digital entrepreneurs got more of the freedom they were chasing in the first place.

Outsource the books and focus on your goals

We take care of the fundamental bookkeeping tasks that online business owners don’t have time for so they can stay compliant and increase productivity. Less time spent chasing receipts and reconciling inventory leaves more time for growing your community, launching new products and negotiating lucrative collaborations.

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How we assist

Whether you have a complex online sales business with warehouses and a retail front, or you’re a social media influencer struggling to stay compliant, our specialist bookkeeping services will ensure you’re never on your own or overwhelmed.

We’re a full-service bookkeeping firm, which means we can do as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. In addition to looking after your day-to-day bookkeeping and compliance, we provide system integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Our experienced Xero bookkeeping experts are compliance specialists who work with small-to-medium businesses around Australia. We can step in to manage your Xero file and complete a wide range of bookkeeping tasks.

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Our complete bookkeeping means minimal stress for you

Our complete bookkeeping packages are tailored to your business needs. In this capacity, we can take care of your:

  • Sales & accounts receivable
  • Purchases & accounts payable
  • Bank entries & reconciliations
  • BAS & payroll compliance
  • Reconciling the balance sheet
  • Payroll troubleshooting
  • Financial & management reporting
  • Paperless filing system using receipt bank fixed
  • Asset management
  • E-commerce platform integration with Xero
  • Xero training
  • Integration with payment providers
  • Integrating inventory management systems

A new style of bookkeeping for the
way we do business now

Unexpected insights from partnering with a bookkeeper

Using The Bookkeeping Collective is often cheaper and more efficient than employing an in-house bookkeeper. Engaging our experts means you have someone with financial experience to talk to from a business process perspective. We can help you see how things flow financially – not just accounts, but your whole business.

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6 reasons online business owners love The Bookkeeping Collective

We don’t judge if you’ve fallen behind

It doesn’t matter what state your books are in when you first contact us. That’s what our bookkeeping catch-up service for online businesses is for. We love a challenge!

XERO is our platform of choice

If your digital business currently uses Xero for bookkeeping or wants to switch over, you’re in safe hands. We’re a certified Xero gold partner.

We embrace digital & cloud integration

We know our clients are short on time, which is why we invest our time in sourcing add-ones and integrations that will reduce manual entry and help business run more smoothly.

E-commerce bookkeeping is our specialty

Our team is experienced in e-commerce business bookkeeping, including online sales, Shopify and inventory management. It doesn’t matter whether your payment provider is AfterPay, PayPal, Stripe, Tyro, Amazon or WooCommerce.

Our meetings happen virtually

Like you, we see no point in endless meetings with everyone around a conference table. That’s why we embrace technologies that allow us to get on the same page without having to be in the same place.

We offer Xero Training

Some business owners love the numbers side and being across all aspects of their business. If this is you, we can show you how to use your bookkeeping system and arrange for tailored training.